A. Plastic Blow Moulding Machines (CMP BRAND)

- Machines and Blow Moulds ranging in capacity from 50ml to 2000ltr

B. Material Handling Equipment (GODREJ BRAND)

- 1.5 to 20 tons diesel forklift trucks
- 1 to 4.5 tonne tyre handlers
- 1.5 to 3 ton LPG/petrol forklift trucks
- 1 to 3 ton electric forklift trucks
- Forklift attachments, crane, paper roll clamp, drum handling etc.
- Warehousing equipment: pallet truck, manual, semi electric
  & electric stacker
- EOT Cranes & Hoists from 2 to 30 tons capacity

C. Compressors (ELGI BRAND)

- Reciprocating: Low Pressure, High Pressure, Single & Two Stage
- Rotary Screw: Electric Powered, Tank Mounted, Single & Two Stage
- Diesel Powered: Trolley and Skid Mounted

D. Moulds and Dies for Plastic Making Industry

- Blow Moulds in alumec, stainless steel, ohns etc
- PET Blow Moulds
- Injection Moulds
- Injection Preform Moulds
- PVC pipes, profiles and furniture dies

E. Anciliary Equipment

- Air Drier, Refrigerated Air Driers & Dehumified Air Driers
- Cooling Towers capacity from 30 to 200 tons
- Air & Water Cooled Chillers from 2 to 50 tons capacity
- Recycling Palletizers
- Various Types of Plastic Scrap Granulators
- High Speed Colour Mixing & Compunding Machines
- Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Machines used in Plastic Processing Machines
- Various Capacities of Hopper Loaders/Ratio Loaders, Conveyor Systems

F. Spares for Material Handling Equipment, Machinery, Ancilliary     Equipment , Moulds and Tooling Machines

- Heaters: Ceramic, Mica, Coil
- Valves, Seal Kits, Cartridges, Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers
- Motors, Monoblock and Centrifugal Pumps
- MCB, MCCB, Changeover, Gear and Rotary Switches, Dol and
  Star Delta Starter
- Wire, Cables, Lugs, Timers, Proxy Switches
- Ejector Pins, Mould Springs, "O" Rings, Nipples
- Hoses: Pressure, Silicone and Hydraulic
- Material Handling Equipment Tyres

G. Tool Room Machinery, Equipment, Instruments & Tools

- Lathes, Surface Grinders, Milling Machines, Spark Erosion Machines
- Vernier Calipres, Degree Protactors, Meter Guage, Digitial Weighing   Scales
- Drill Sets, Drillbits, Carbide Tips, High Speed Hacksaws, Allen,
  Hexa & High Tensile Bolts

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